Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday | January 18, 2022

All times shown in PST

Workshop A: We Need to Talk About Dairy

9AM - 12.45 PM

9:00 am Opening Address from Chair

9:15 am Nano Cows: The Landscape of Animal Free-Dairy Biotechnology


  • A comprehensive overview of the different industrial biotechnology approaches to animal-free dairy.
  • An evaluation of the level of commercial activity and applications for the tech (e.g. cheeses).
  • Assessing trends and opportunities in fermentation for dairy.

9:45 am Precision Fermentation-Enabled Dairy – Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Approach – The Product Pipeline:


  • Traditional dairy production utilizes liquid milk as the base ingredient (a very complex composition) – isolating the relevant building blocks (i.e., protein, fats, etc.) for each application (Top-Down approach)
  • Precision fermentation delivers isolated components (Botton-up approach)
  • Contrary to what may be expected – There will be more derivative product applications (i.e., cheeses, yogurts, ice creams, etc.) than liquid milk in the early years from fermentation-enabled dairy (contrary to plant-based alternatives).
  • Discussion on the projected pipeline as well as comparisons to plant-based alternatives and traditional dairy farming.


10:15 am Panel Discussion: What It Takes to Shift Customer Perceptions of Alternative Dairy Products

  • Irina Gerry Chief Marketing Officer, Change Foods
  • Matt Gibson Chief Executive Officer, New Culture
  • Maha Tahiri Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Nutrition Sustainability Strategies


  • Unsustainable food production and consumption contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Adopting a more plant-based diet has been identified as a necessary change toward a more sustainable food system.
  • This discussion will focus on identifying and characterizing consumer habits and attitudes to shift towards an increase in fermentation-based dairy products (customer acceptance) to reduce the environmental footprint of people’s diets and improve dietary health.

10:45 am Networking Break

11:15 am Panel Discussion: Alternative Dairy Goes Head to Head with Traditional Dairy


As fermentation-based dairy protein technology continues to improve and companies gain traction these alternative proteins will cause market disruption to traditional dairy players. This panel discussion will deep dive into key discussions such as:

  • Will Alternative diary products disrupt the traditional dairy market by 2030?
  • Measuring sustainability and environmental impact of traditional diary in comparison to alternative dairy products.
  • An in-depth look at the nutritional value of traditional dairy products compared to alternative dairy products.

12:00 pm Mylkcubator: Cellular Agriculture Technologies Building the FUTURE OF DAIRY


  • During this session, we will explore how the global family-owned dairy company Pascual , has established ways to collaborate with the most disruptive startups worldwide, through the Mylkcubator program, developed by its Open Innovation arm Pascual Innoventures in collaboration with the foodtech accelerator Eatable Adventures.
  • Mylkcubator Incubation Programme is the first global incubation programme for cellular agriculture technologies in the dairy industry, and aims to support highly innovative startups specializing in the transformation of the food value chain for the production of dairy alternatives.

12:30 pm Chair’s Closing Address

12:45 pm End of Workshop

Workshop B: Raising Capital - Investors and Partnerships

1.45 - 3.15 PM

1:45 pm Developing a Robust Business Model to Achieve Your Investment Goals


  • Defining Your Target Customer and How You Solve their Pain Points.
  • Selecting Your Sales Channel
  • Leveraging Partnerships to Increase Your Sales and Derisk Areas of Weakness.

2:15 pm Panel Discussion: An Investors Perspective – What Investors Look For


A panel of investors discusses what they look for in brands and how best to secure funding. They will touch on topics such as perfecting your pitch and answer questions from the audience around the capital-raising process.

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Address

3:15 pm End of Workshop