Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday | January 26, 2021

A Food-Focused Climate Solutions Workshop


Join Isaac Emery of Informed Sustainability Consulting for an interactive virtual climate workshop exploring the connections between food, agriculture, and energy-based climate solutions. In the workshop, participants will propose climate solutions such as energy efficiency, carbon pricing, fossil fuel taxes, reducing deforestation, and carbon dioxide removal. We will test these approaches against different food production scenarios to find an effective pathway to meet the UN Paris Agreement target of 1.5 C to 2.0 C global warming by 2100. 

The workshop uses the En-ROADS model developed by MIT and Climate Interactive to visualize global temperature, energy systems, and land use. We will also explore how to engage personally and locally with global-scale climate solutions. Join us to create your own climate future using grounded conversations. The experience is hopeful, scientifically-grounded, action-oriented, and eye-opening. 

Workshop Leader:

Isaac Emery

Isaac Emery
Principal Consultant & Founder
Informed Sustainability Consulting 

Commercialization and Scaling of Fermentation-Enabled Proteins

10:45AM EST | 4:45PM CET

In this interactive workshop we will explore the following questions:  

  • How should we incorporate ingredients into current/future product offerings in a scalable and commercially viable way?
  • What are the key hurdles to navigate when bringing a fermentation-enabled protein to market and how best to overcome these challenges?
  • What can we learn from key case studies outlining successful commercialisation of fermentation-enabled proteins?
  • How to decide which value proposition will best resonate with the consumer – nutrition vs sustainability?

Workshop Leaders:

Mark Warner

Mark Warner
Warner Advisors

ilan samish 2

Ilan Samish
Chief Executive Officer
Amai Proteins

blake byrne

Blake Byrne
Business Innovation Specialist
The Good Food Institute