Partnership Opportunities

Join us as we unite the Alternative Protein community and showcase the latest advances through this dedicated industry forum.

Achieving commercial scale-up and launch is top of the agenda for the food & beverage industry as they strive to meet growing customer demands. If you are a provider of synthetic biology and enzyme engineering solutions to analyze and optimize bacterial activity, consulting solutions for engineering, marketing, and branding, or you are a provider of fermentation equipment or other solutions that can help companies achieve the required production scalability and commercialization, please get in touch, the community will want to meet you.

The 2nd Annual Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Summit will allow you to virtually connect with key decision-makers and:


Meet the Right People:

Connect with C-level executives from both multinational & independent food and beverage brands, and next-generation biotechs who are looking to invest in novel ingredients, products and processes to enhance their alternative protein offering


The Place Where Deals are Done:

Secure a virtual exhibition booth or speaking slot to showcase your expertise and educate the industry on how you can support and streamline their efforts


Your Brand in Front of a Qualified Audience:

Benefit from enhanced brand exposure, not only at the event but through pre and post-conference branding opportunities and logo inclusion across event material and marketing communications, to position yourself as the company of choice and differentiate your product or solution


High-Quality Content is King:

Increase your virtual visibility and position yourself as a thought leader, with the opportunity to deliver a virtual presentation or dedicated insight session to key decision-makers, showcasing your unique solutions

If you fit into one of these categories, this summit is the perfect opportunity for you to meet:

Synthetic Biology &

Enzyme Engineering


  Flavor & Fragrance


   Enzyme Suppliers


  Fermentation Feedstock


  Consulting Companies


  Fermentation Equipment


    CRO & CMO


Partners that Joined Us in 2022

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