7AM - 4:15PM EST | 1PM - 10:15PM CET

7:00 am Morning Networking

7:45 am Opening Remarks

8:00 am The Quorn Revolution – A Case Study


8:20 am Navigating the Regulatory Framework in Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Proteins

  • Xin Tao Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells


Regulation remains a key hurdle for many brands in the fermentation-enabled alternative proteins industry, with various potential pathways to successfully adhere to regulatory guidelines.
In this presentation, Xin will:
• Provide clear advice and practical solutions for compliance with labelling, advertising, and safety regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
• Explore the pathways to regulatory approval, sharing advice around which pathway is the best for your brand and how to best prepare in the R&D phase

8:40 am Are Your Labelling & Claims Misleading the Consumer?


Advertising substantiation is different from regulatory compliance. It is key to communicate your product offering with the consumer in a way that they understand whilst ensuring your messaging is not misleading.

In this presentation, Alexander will:

• Explore the claim substantiation process, taking a deep dive into relevant cases
• Share guidance on how to ensure your claims are fully substantiated with the consumer in mind
• Discuss specific issues regarding ‘natural’ claims, including the manufacturing process


9:00 am Regulatory considerations for fermentation-derived proteins used for food & feed in the EU.


The key to getting your fermentation-enabled alternative proteins to market in the EU & other markets is to have a solid regulatory strategy in place. It is essential to conduct the right studies in the correct way to build up evidence to convince the regulatory authorities that your product is safe. However, this is easier said than done as the regulatory framework can be tricky to navigate. In this talk we will:


  • Provide a clear & concise overview of regulatory framework in EU
  • Explain what is classed as a novel food or feed?
  • Outline specific regulatory considerations for protein derived by fermentation such as strain identification & safety, genetic modifications, etc.
  • Provide advice on what you need to do for a successful registration

9:10 am LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions


9:20 am Virtual Speed Networking

9:30 am Digitizing Smell & Taste to Accelerate Product Development


Over millions of years, our olfactory system has evolved into the most powerful chemical detector on the planet. By harnessing its sensory abilities, we are quantifying taste and smell to generate data the world has never accessed before.
In this presentation, Josh will:
• Discuss how alternative protein brands can harness digital innovation, which enable clear, reproducible digital representations of smell and taste
• Successfully accelerate new and existing product development efforts with taste in mind

9:50 am Replicating the Functionality of Animal-Derived Cheese

  • Matt Gibson Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, New Culture


With many plant-based cheese alternatives failing to match the texture of their animal-derived counterparts, New Culture is focusing on producing casein, a protein that coagulates to give mozzarella cheese its stretchy texture.
In this presentation, Matt will explore how fermentation-enabled technologies and proteins can enhance the texture of plant-based cheese and closely resemble the functionality of animal-derived products

10:10 am How to Grow Real Meat Protein Without the Animal Cells-Development of a Low-Cost Fermentation-Based Meat Alternative


Fybraworks are developing technologies to make recombinant muscle proteins myosins and actins either extracellularly for texture enhancer for plant based proteins or intracellularly in mushroom mycelia as an alternative protein ingredient.
In this presentation, Chenfeng will: explore how recombinant fermentation technology can enhance texture and sensory effects of alternative proteins

10:30 am Unlocking the Full Potential of Plant-Based Proteins


It is projected that as early as 2040 we will be unable to support the population with their basic protein needs. MycoTechnology is harnessing mushrooms to unlock the full potential of plant-based proteins.
In this presentation, Anthony will discuss how unique mushroom fermentation can clean up the taste profile of plant-based proteins, whilst minimizing the flavor impact and resulting in a cleaner tasting product.

10:50 am LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

11:00 am Networking Break


• Live Demo in Virtual Exhibition Hall
• 1-1 Meetings


11:20 am The Future of Urban Food Systems


Fermentation-enabled alternative proteins have the potential to offer substantial sustainability benefits to conventional agriculture, and harnessing urban agriculture for their production can help to build a more sustainable food system.
In this presentation, Henry will:
• Explore the intersection of sustainability, urban agriculture and technology
• Discuss reasons urban farming fails and how to make it succeed in the fermentation-enabled alternative protein industry

11:40 am Mycoprotein: Making More With Less


With demand for protein increasing at 10M tonnes per year, traditional protein farming is unsustainable. By transforming production costs, 3fbio will become substantially competitive vs other protein sources, unlocking its potential to become a mainstream, lower cost source of sustainable protein for global populations.
In this presentation, Andrew will:
• Discuss how innovative technology and an integrated process enables the production of food, feed and fuel in the most efficient manner
• Explore how the use of existing supply chains and low-cost capital solutions allows cost efficient and sustainable protein to be produced

12:00 pm Building a Sustainable Fermentation Industry Within our Environmental Limits

  • Isaac Emery Principal Consutant & Founder, Informed Sustainability Consulting


The food industry, like most industries, is coming under increased pressure to embrace sustainable practices. Isaac currently focuses on helping startups and manufacturing firms in the plant-based and cell-based food industries manage and communicate their sustainability goals.
In this presentation, Isaac will discuss the influences of technology and recipe design on the environmental performance of individual products and the industry as a whole

12:20 pm LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:40 pm Recycling Industrial Waste By Products to Produce Alternative Protein


Producing protein through fermentation is a lot more time, cost and feedstock-efficient than traditional farming, with much less environmental impact. Mycorena has the unique possibility to use unused resources from other production processes which can be used as feedstock for the fermentation process enabling an even more sustainable and cost-effective production system.
In this presentation, Ram will:
• Discuss how their production technology offers a solution to increase resource efficiency and enable valorization of otherwise worthless byproducts
• Explore the best byproducts for fermentation

2:00 pm Repurposing Animal Feed to Direct Alternative Meats Manufacturing with Solid-State Fermentation


When the alternative meat consumption grows from the current 2% to a projected 23%, where will the industry get proteins? Planetarians is developing a new platform to make alternative meats from animal feed, skipping protein isolation and using just 0.5:1 water and no chemicals.
In this presentation Aleh will discuss how repurposing animal feed such as Sunflower, Corn DDGS and Pulses through Solid-state fermentation, converting carbs in the ingredients into extra protein, can be a sustainable way to produce alternative proteins.

2:20 pm LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

2:30 pm Virtual Speed Networking


Recreating the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new business relationships!

Networking Break
• Live Demo in Virtual Exhibition Hall
• 1-1 Meetings


3:00 pm Sustainable Food Ventures


In this presentation, Mariliis will share her mission to support founders developing sustainable food products and scaling profitable companies in the global $12 Trillion food and grocery retail market.

3:20 pm An Investor’s Perspective


A panel of investors discuss what they look for in brands and how best to secure funding. They will touch on topics such as perfecting your pitch and answer questions from the audience around the capital raising process

4:00 pm Closing Remarks

4:15 pm Close of Conference Day 2