7AM - 4:15PM EST | 1PM - 10:15PM CET

7:00 am Morning Networking

7:45 am Opening Remarks

8:00 am Emerging Production Platforms for the Future of Meat, Eggs & Dairy

  • Nate Crosser Startup Growth Specialist, The Good Food Institute


Fermentation has been used in food production for millennia. The suite of tools developed through fermentation’s technological evolution is now poised to revolutionize the food sector by enabling and accelerating the rise of alternative proteins.
In this presentation, Nate will:
• Share key innovations in fermentation technologies advancing the alternative protein industry
• Explore the present and future of fermentation-enabled alternative proteins and ingredients

8:20 am Improving the Sustainability of the World’s Food Systems with Animal-Free Egg White


Clara Foods is working towards a disruptive advance in food technology with their creation of the world’s first animal-free egg white and other protein-based products for sports nutrition, baking, and industrial uses.
In this presentation, Ranjan will explore lessons learnt from the companies journey so far and sharing insights into the future of precision fermentation-enabled proteins, beyond applications as just a boutique food.

8:40 am FIRESIDE CHAT: A Perfect Day Perspective


Perfect Day is inventing a new way to make the foods you love today, for a kinder, greener tomorrow. They’re taking the compromise out of the dairy aisle and restocking it with the best of both worlds: the real taste and texture of dairy, produced sustainably, and without the downsides of factory farming, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics.

9:00 am LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

9:10 am Virtual Speed Networking


Recreating the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. Our custom-built platform will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new business relationships!


9:30 am Decentralization of Protein Production


In the modern food market, access to high-quality proteins is not guaranteed for everyone. Moreover, protein demand growth using the current production method results unsustainable and heavily harms our planet.
In this presentation, Horacio will:
• Explore how decentralizing production can bring an entirely different protein manufacture system that will move from the field to the fermentation tank
• Discuss how to transform the current supply and value chains in a far more efficient production system that generates less waste and reduces the need for transport significantly

9:50 am The Challenges of Bringing a Precision Fermentation Protein to Market


There are many challenges presented when bringing a precision fermentation-enabled alternative protein to market from ensuring its stability and taste to navigating regulatory and consumer acceptance hurdles.
In this presentation, Ilan will outline the different challenges of bringing to the market alternative proteins produced by precision fermentation and share his thoughts & experiences on how best to successfully overcome them

10:10 am Lessons Learnt from Commercializing Novel Foods


Food is a rapidly changing landscape with many emerging technologies; meat without the cow, eggs without the chicken and sushi without the fish to name a few. The technology learnings from advanced biotechnologies are valuable, but that technology must fit within the food regulatory framework to become commercial.
In this presentation, Mark will share the key to novel food companies being successful by bridging the gap between biotechnology and traditional food

10:30 am Utilising Existing Processes to Achieve Scale


Achieving significant scale is a key challenge for fermentation-enabled protein companies. By looking at existing formats and processes, as opposed to building new infrastructure from scratch, MycoKind is able to cut down the typical time frame to reach significant scale.
In this presentation, Brian will share MycoKind’s unique perspective on achieving scale in a sustainable way by bypassing typical challenges seen when creating new processes and infrastructure.

10:50 am LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

11:00 am Networking Break


• Live Demo in Virtual Exhibition Hall
• 1-1 Meetings


11:20 am Communicating with the Consumer Through Effective Storytelling & Value Propositions

  • Miguel Serrano Ex Business Manager Plant-Based Food EMENA, Former Nestle


With a plethora of brands launching into the alternative protein space, it is more important than ever to position yourself in a way that consumers understand & relate to.
In this presentation, Miguel will:
• Explore how to develop a new purpose-driven brand/portfolio approach
• Discuss the importance of choosing your value proposition (nutrition vs sustainability)
• Examine how to communicate with your consumers through effective storytelling

11:45 am Beyond Vegan – Addressing the Mainstream. How to Reach a Flexitarian Market?


With more than one in four consumers reducing their meat consumption, the flexitarian market represents a massive opportunity for food brands to expand their consumer base. This panel will discuss how best to reach a flexitarian market in the fermentation-enabled alternative protein industry.


12:15 pm Networking Lunch & ROUNDTABLE: Nomenclature – How do we Position Fermentation-Enabled Proteins?


Join us in the sessions area, and share your audio and video, for an interactive discussion with conference attendees

The aim of this session is to discuss the current language being used throughout the industry and assess whether it is both accurate and appropriate to communicate effectively with the consumer.

1:15 pm Single-Cell Protein & Fermentation Products for Use in Next- Generation Pet Food


Alternative proteins have the potential to completely change what we feed our cats and dogswith several environmental benefits whilst keeping them healthy. Wild Earth is incorporating yeast and fungal proteins into their pet food to offer a complete and balanced diet for dogs.
In this presentation, Abril will:
• Discuss the accessibility, scalability and environmental sustainability benefits of single cell yeast derived proteins and fungal proteins in pet foods
• Explore the future possibilities of fermentation-enabled proteins in pet foods

1:35 pm Re-Imagining Alternative Protein to Expand Health in a Non- Processed & Affordable Manner


Kinoko-Tech offers an alternative protein based on mycelium from edible mushrooms, legumes, and grains through a solid fermentation process.
In this presentation, Jasmin will show how solid fermentation can provide clean alternative proteins with high nutritional value, advantageous taste and texture with minimal additional processing or ingredients

1:55 pm Egg-White Replacers from Natural Single Cell Proteins


The demand for plant-based alternatives to eggs is growing. FUMI Ingredients uses natural micro-organisms such as baker’s and brewer’s yeast and micro-algae to develop an egg white replacement that acts as a foaming agent, heat-set gel, and emulsifier.
In this presentation, Corjan will share FUMI’s mild and scalable process, which is able to recover unique compounds from untapped resources and lessons learnt from their development process

2:15 pm LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

2:25 pm Virtual Speed Networking


Recreating the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new business relationships!

Networking Break
• Live Demo in Virtual Exhibition Hall
• 1-1 Meetings

3:00 pm Change Foods – How Precision Fermentation Can Pave the Way for a New Future of Cheese


Though many companies have already produced successful cheese alternatives using plant-based ingredients, these don’t always convince the most devoted cheese-lovers. Change Foods is developing a more sustainable alternative, paving the way for a new future of cheese.
In this presentation, David will:
• Share how Change Foods is narrowing down the optimal host from microbes such as bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi to develop compounds such as Casein to make the cheese, and microbial lipids to give aroma, texture and profile
• Discuss how to achieve price parity with traditional products more quickly and share the future of scaling and commercialising their technology


3:20 pm Exploring the Future of Dairy


Current vegan dairy options do not contain casein and whey protein, which give to these products made from animal milk their characteristic taste and texture. Enter LegenDairy.
In this presentation, Britta will share how LengenDairy Foods is exploring the future of dairy using biotechnology to transform nutrients into milk proteins through fermentation to produce sustainable, healthy and efficient dairy alternatives

3:40 pm Pet Nutrition: A New Way To Meat


Bond Pet Foods brews chicken protein through biotechnology and fermentation using a proprietary production process that is more humane and sustainable compared with conventional agriculture.
In this presentation, Rich will discuss recent developments to lay the foundation to bring high-value meat protein and nutrition to dogs and cats, while removing farm animals from the equation

4:00 pm LIVE Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

4:10 pm Closing Remarks

4:15 pm Close of Conference Day 1