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Emerging Novel Technologies for the Future of Meat, Eggs, and Dairy

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Address

8:15 am The Power of Fermentation for Global Health, Climate, and Biodiversity


  • Conventional meat production poses serious threats to the environment and public health.
  • Luckily, we can make meat in a better way via food innovation technology. Fermentation is the third pillar of alternative proteins, and until recently has been the most neglected.
  • Fermentation allows us to provide consumers with the foods they love while preserving biodiversity, protecting human health, and slowing climate change.

8:45 am Fermentation 101 – What’s in that shiny big vessel?

  • Bruno Xavier Associate Director , Cornell Food Venture Center


  • A microbiological and engineering overview of Fermentation-Enabled protein production
  • A variety of strategies can be used to produce food via fermentation, differing on the microorganisms or cells, substrates, energy sources and fermentation process used.
  • Although there won’t be one technology package that is best for any situation, choosing the best scientific and engineering approach for each scenario will affect costs, scalability, quality, safety, and the size of the impact each company will ultimately have on the environment.
  • Prepared to be useful for alt-food enthusiasts in general, this lecture will provide an overview of the biological and engineering bases, applications, advantages and challenges of some of the main technological approaches in use or available for companies focused on Fermentation-Enabled protein production.

9:15 am Moving Past Plants to Meaty Mycelium


  • While technologies such as extrusion make it possible for plant proteins to resemble animal proteins, the process is expensive
  • Fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants on the evolutionary tree
  • Mycelium of certain fungi species has a naturally meaty texture that can be used as a meat replacement or enhancer with very little processing

9:45 am Creating Mycelium-Based Meat Alternatives

  • Joshua Nixon Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Prime Roots


  • An in-depth look at why mycelium is uniquely positioned to replicate animal proteins.
  • A deep dive into the potential for scalability of mycelium-based protein.
  • Overview of the complex challenges in developing mycelium-based meat alternatives

10:15 am Fungi for Delicious, Nutrition and Sustainable Protein


• Making Delicious food with minimal processes & ingredients
• Strong in nutritional benefits incl. fibre
• Achieving commercial scale in 2022

10:45 am Networking Break

11:15 am Leveraging Precision Fermentation Technology to Develop Animal-Free Egg Proteins


  • Factors including cost, scale & accessibility are key to compete.
  • The functionality of egg proteins are key to their value proposition.
  • Clara Foods leverages industry-leading partnerships to fast track development and market access.

11:45 am Precision Fermentation using Agri-food Side Streams

  • Fei Luo Chief Executive Officer, Liven


• Precision fermentation has been progressing ultra fast as the third pillar of altprotein
industry, with the future demand of fermentable sugar surging.
• Liven develops processes to valorise agriculture and food industry side
streams to functional protein ingredients.
• Overview of the challenges using side stream in precision fermentation

12:15 pm Panel Discussion: Partnering With Alternative Protein Companies to Reformulate and Develop Sustainable Consumer Foods


A key discussion around how multinational food companies can incorporate alternative protein ingredients and products into their product portfolio.

12:45 pm Networking Lunch

1:45 pm Fermentation based food protein production using fungi in submerged fermentation from lab to commercial; Fermotein and beyond

  • Wim de Laat Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The Protein Brewery


  • Fermentation is generally a very expensive technology to produce products with. A sustainable fermentation based protein production requires a thorough understanding of the impact of raw materials quality and logistics, water and energy use.
  • The Protein Brewery has developed a fermentation based protein production technology for Fermotein that is broadly applicable, sustainable, locally produced and healthy and nutritious.
  • As a first functional protein production system we next to this developed technology to produce Egg Whites by fungal Fermentation that would enable us to have a cost effective process for the production of animal derived proteins.

2:15 pm You Can’t Make Meat from ‘Thin Air’ – Gas Fermentation as a Tool for the Production of Sustainable Proteins

  • David Tze Chief Executive Officer, NovoNutrients


  • An evaluation of the quality of bacterial proteins produced from gas fermentation.
  • An insight into the technology required for this fermentation method including a look at looping gas bioreactors and the role they play.
  • It’s not about air: low-cost gas fermented protein requires low-cost hydrogen.

2:45 pm Building A Circular Food Industry, With Fermentation.


• Fermentation is giving us the opportunity to produce more nutritious and
functional ingredients.
• What if we put together the huge potential of upcycling and artificial

3:15 pm Networking Break

Addressing Scalability & Commercialization Challenges in Alternative Protein Development

3:45 pm Creating Delicious, Sustainable Choices for Today and a Better Tomorrow – A Perfect Day Case Study from the Lab to the Dinner Table


  • Perfect Day is on a mission to create a kinder, greener tomorrow—starting in the dairy aisle. In this session, we’ll discuss how we took a desire for no compromise dairy products to having animal-free products in over 5,000 grocery stores.
  • We’ll share our vision for how our fermentation process can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and energy consumption as we scale our partnerships.

4:15 pm Biomass Fermentation – A Journey From Discovery to Commercial Production

  • Bryan Tracy Chief Executive Officer, Superbrewed Foods


  • Biomass proteins have been feeding people since the evolution of humankind, and could deliver new paradigms of nutrition and functionality to enhance the lives of all consumers!
  • Superbrewed Food shares their journey of learning from native human and animal nutrition to discover natural, GMO-free solutions for delicious, whole food protein nutrition.
  • We also discuss the influence that scalability and competitive economics had on the discovery and development of our Superbrewed Protein, which is poised for market introduction in 2022.

4:45 pm Panel Discussion: From Lab Scale to Food Production Scale and Everything In-between


As consumer demand for alternative meat, dairy, and protein increase as does the need to improve processes to
bring these products to market. This panel will provide a roadmap of actionable insights to bring your protein to scale.
Addressing key challenges such as:

  • Considerations for bioprocessing scale up for liquid and solid-state fermentation including infrastructure and design.
  • Considerations when partnering with a CDMO and securing manufacturing capacity to meet consumer demand.
  • Sourcing cost-efficient manufacturing equipment and overcoming engineering design hurdles associated with bioreactor scale-up.
  • Addressing yield bottlenecks and increasing purity of your selected target and more.
  • Achieving a successful commercial scale-up and launch.
  • How to distribute your product including who to partner with.

5:30 pm Accelerating Commercial Scale-up Through Partnerships


  • The cow is being disrupted by precision fermentation, but there is a path for established dairy companies and brands to survive and thrive.
  • How established dairy companies can gain access to technology and speed in the development of alternative dairy business.
  • How new venture companies can gain access to commercial scale and build lasting value in partnership with established players.

6:00 pm End of Conference Day One