Commercialize a Scalable & Cost-Effective Alternative Protein Product With Speed to Market


Returning 2024


Bringing Your Innovative Alternative Protein Product to Consumers Through Advanced Fermentation Capabilities, Viable Commercial Partnership & Regulatory Compliance

With a rise in flexitarians and demand for quality and sustainable protein sources, investment is pouring into the fermentation enabled alternative protein space, with fermentation-based protein companies securing US$1.7 billion in investments last year. Forbes have forecasted this to rise to 36.3 billion by 2030. However, 9 in 10 fermentation-based food brands still fail to make it in the market. 

The Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit, as the only industry-led forum uniting the entire biomass and precision fermentation ecosystem, will return in 2024 as an in-person meeting. Hosting 150+ key decision-makers from biotech and food tech, multinational consumer packaged goods, independent food brands, and ingredient suppliers, this 3-days summit will help you scale-up and successfully commercialize fermentation-enabled alternative with speed to market. 


Technical Stream: Improve your alternative proteins’ developability and manufacturability 

Discover the latest advancements in biomass and precision fermentation, bioreactor design, GMO debates and scale up process development 

Commercial Stream: Navigate the complex regulatory and partnership landscape, labelling and consumer perception  

Solidify IP, marketing and branding strategy, and the roadmap to commercializing your novel product globally

Taking place in the global food technology hub in San Francisco, this summit will equip you with the information and partnerships to accelerate scalability, enhance consumer perception and positioning with sustainability and production efficiency in mind. Whether you are currently developing a new fermentation-enabled protein product offering, securing production capacity to achieve scale-up, or are looking to launch into the growing consumer alternative protein space, this is your key meeting to kick off 2024 to turbocharge next-generation alternative protein sources.

A Snapshot of What You Will Learn

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Navigate the evolving regulatory framework to ensure safety, accurate labelling and compliance for product approval 

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Explore the key strategies to form successful partnerships for rapid commercialization 

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Understand consumer perception and pricing strategy, alongside distribution network readiness  

Optimize your product formulation to enhance flavor and texture to appeal to a wider consumer market through improved protein binding, strain engineering and target selection    

Overcome bottlenecks in upstream and downstream bioprocessing to deliver high yield and product quality through cutting-edge purification and scale-up capabilities  

Discover novel approach to waste management and cost optimization to achieve sustainability 

Companies Who Attended in 2023 Include:

Fermentation - Companies

Our 2023 Speakers Included:


"Fermentation is clearly the future of alternative proteins. Convening this type of group it could be an essential annual event."

David Tze, CEO, NovoNutrients

"We are thrilled to be leading the conversation on creating mycelium-based meat alternatives. Koji has positioned us well to build a foundation to replicate nearly any meat or seafood, and we believe the potential for mycelium as a protein source is still largely untapped. "

Joshua Nixon, CTO & Co-Founder, Prime Roots

"As bold, socially conscious entrepreneurs and investors dive deeper into the alternative proteins market, it’s imperative that we marry cutting-edge innovation with scalable commercial strategies. This conference allows us to understand where science and business come together to further our success and our impact."

David Benzaquen, CEO, Mission:Plant

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