Conference Day Two

Thursday, February 15, 2024

7:45 am Check-In & Light Refreshments

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Working with Consumers & Within Regulatory Frameworks to Guide Product Development & Foster International Innovation

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Delving into Consumer Insights & Leveraging This Information to Guide Product Development


  • Uncovering how to align market research with the target market to maximize insights
  • Delving into current trends in consumer perception from actual consumer behaviour and market research
  • Reviewing how to implement consumer insights into product development from R&D to commercialization

10:00 am Harmonizing Across International Regulatory Frameworks to Align with Commercial Strategy


  • Understanding how varying international frameworks affect the path to commercialization, and how to navigate this
  • Exploring how different regulatory requirements affect the claims that can be made about a product
  • Considering how to realize the global potential of the alternative protein industry by working with regulators, government, and traditional food retailers

10:30 am Morning Networking Break


Streamlining Technical & Strategic Decision-Making in R&D for Efficient Progression

11.30 Exploring the World of Microbes to Find New Protein Manufacturing Hosts

  • Highlighting microbial hosts used today for protein
    manufacturing, and their limitations
  • Demonstrating a variety of microbial phenotypes that could
    improve the precision fermentation of proteins
  • Introducing Wild Microbes’ strain domestication, and early
    results from our first year of development

Timothy Wannier, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Wild Microbes

12.00 Determining the Correct Investment into R&D to
Support Efficient Strain & Fermentation Development

  • Identifying appropriate R&D resource allocation at early, mid,
    and late-stage companies
  • Driving transparency between senior management and the
    technical workforce
  • Understanding the implications of R&D investment on
    the COGS

Ranjan Patnaik, Chief Technology Officer, Mycotechnology


12:30 pm Networking Lunch Break


Co-Chairs: Patrick Westfall, Vice President Research & Development, Bond Pet Foods Augusto Desuque, Chief Technology Officer, Ergo Bioscience

13.30 Fireside Chat: Aligning Between Process Development
& R&D Teams to Streamline Fermentation Processes

  • Examining common challenges that result in strains being passed back from process development into R&D
  • Ascertaining where R&D and process development teams can work together to simplify development
  • Pre-empting development challenges in R&D

Patrick Westfall, Vice President Research &
Development, Bond Pet Foods

Augusto Desuque, Chief Technology Officer,
Ergo Bioscience


2:00 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Achieving Global Market Access & Longevity by Overcoming Funding Bottlenecks & Working Collaboratively

  • Adam Leman Lead Scientist, Fermentation, Good Food Institute

3:00 pm Panel Discussion: Uniting Across Companies to Drive Positive Change & Influence Regulatory & Consumer Perception


  • Hearing from founding members of the Precision Fermentation Alliance and the Fungi Protein Association on their strategy and future road map
  • Exploring how, despite commercial competition, companies can engage with key stakeholders
  • Including other companies in building the future strategy

4:00 pm Securing Late-Stage Investment to Bolster Your Ability to Meet Commercial Demand Sustainably


  • Moving beyond venture capitalist investment to support commercial-scale manufacturing and devise a sustainable strategic roadmap
  • Demonstrating the value of your product to later stage investors
  • Learning from previous attempts to generate new industries to improve longevity

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Adam Leman Lead Scientist, Fermentation, Good Food Institute

4:45 pm End of 4th Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit

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