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Bio Grammatics
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Scientific Bioprocessing
Innovation Partner

At SBI, we take the guesswork out of bioprocessing.

There are still too many black boxes and unknowns in bioprocessing. We help researchers and process engineers make the right decisions by providing them access to critical process and product data.

SBI’s goal is to become the one-stop-shop provider for almost any monitoring and bioprocess control modality. We pioneer digitally simplified bioprocessing by providing actionable insights from the lab to the production floor by monitoring and controlling critical process parameters and product quality attributes online and in real time.



Merrick & Co.
Exhibition Partner

Merrick & Company, delivering “Bio Solutions to Better Our World.”  A leader in the bioprocessing industry, serving innovators in the advanced proteins market and specializing in fermentation and downstream processing.  We are a multi-discipline engineering and professional services firm performing projects from front end design through commissioning. Merrick has served clients for over 65 years and maintains 23 offices in the US, Canada, UK, and Mexico.


Exhibition Partner

The future is about elevating wellness for everyone. As zero calorie sweetness and taste modulation experts, Sweegen offers full product development services to meet wellness targets for new products and reformulations. We deliver full solutions with optimal wellness and taste profiles.




Exhibition Partner

Clextral has adapted the fermentation process used in food production for millennia to offer new opportunities for today’s food processors. Our approach has expanded the markets for plant-based meat and fish analogs, with technology that combines fermentation and extrusion. The resulting products have high nutritional value, authentic flavors and colors, and clean labels. Our multiple R&D platforms and complete technical assistance help our customers refine and develop their concepts, ingredients and products.



Exhibition Partner

Produced from the company’s vertically integrated system, Lycored’s range of superstable natural colors, derived from Lycopene and Beta-Carotene, are heat, light and pH independent and formulated to provide beautiful hues to a wide variety of food and beverage applications. Our real food ingredients portfolio consists of natural taste enhancers rich in umami and kokumi characteristics and a natural texture enhancer to elevate authentic vegetable pulpiness for sustainable and clean label products.

ADL Biopharma

ADL Biopharma
Exhibition Partner

With almost 70 years of leadership in the fermentation industry, ADL Biopharma provides outstanding contract development and manufacturing services. Our proven track record allows us to offer comprehensive support to biotech companies across a wide range of fermentation-based products. ADL provides integral solutions that cover from the initial lab stage to the industrial production, with a comprehensive process that includes both upstream fermentation services (USP) as well as downstream  recovery and purification ones (DSP). Thus, our partners can test and prove the technical and economic feasibility of their project at every stage of the process, with the support of our expert team:

        CDO Services: Semi-Pilot and Pilot Plants equipped with fermenters ranging from 5-65 L and 100-2,000 L, respectively.

●        CMO Services: Industrial Plant with fermenters up to 225 m3.

Our custom manufacturing services are the solution for those companies that need to develop, scale up and manufacture any kind of functional molecules produced through bacteria, yeasts, fungi or microalgae fermentation processes. ADL commitment is to provide sustainable and profitable solutions both to emerging biotech companies and to larger, consolidated ones that are looking for a reliable partner to work hand in hand with them and forge a lasting win-win alliance.




Event partner

Culture Bioscience is a technology company in South San Francisco, CA, offering biotechnology companies an easier, faster, and cheaper way to do biomanufacturing R&D. By leveraging Culture’s cloud bioreactor platform, bioprocess scientists can spend less time running bioreactors and more time designing and analyzing experiments. Culture’s cloud bioreactors offer full control of experimental design and allow real-time monitoring and process changes. Beyond generating data more quickly, Culture’s platform provides advanced data visualization and analytics tools to generate new insights into bioprocesses. Book a consultation to learn how Culture can help your team accelerate bioprocess development.