Teresa Chan

Teresa Chan

Company: Impossible Foods

Job title: Director, Regulatory Affairs


Workshop A: Regulation & Labelling: Unlocking GRAS & Entering the Market With a BANG 8:00 am

This workshop will help you understand: The legislation: what rules do you need to be aware of? Why is labelling difficult? Is it consumer perception or regulation? (If regulation, who? The halal board/allergy committee or FDA?) Understanding the difference between self-GRAS and a GRAS Notice, is there a benefit of GRAS Notice and if so,…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

Panel Discussion: Exploring Naming Conventions & Labelling Guidance Surrounding Alternative Proteins: Is It a Steak, Is It a Burger or Is It Something New? 8:30 am

Reviewing current naming conventions in the industry and their potential limitations – from ingredients to regulatory guidelines Debating what the naming convention should be dependent on; its make-up, the star ingredient or regulatory guidelines? Aligning your labelling with marketing strategy to ensure compliance Leveraging expert knowledge on how to gain customer confidence and acceptanceRead more

day: Day One

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