Maha Tahiri

Maha Tahiri

Company: Nutrition Sustainability Strategies

Job title: Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Are All Alternative Proteins Equal Nutritionally? 9:00 am

The plant-based category and alternative proteins have been positioned as better options for the consumer Are All the alternatives equally nutritious? most of the conversation has been focused on proteins digestibility Let’s look at nutrient density and how many alternatives compare among themselves when it comes to a measure that considers multiple aspects of nutrition…Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Alternative Dairy Goes Head to Head with Traditional Dairy 11:15 am

As fermentation-based dairy protein technology continues to improve and companies gain traction these alternative proteins will cause market disruption to traditional dairy players. This panel discussion will deep dive into key discussions such as: Will Alternative diary products disrupt the traditional dairy market by 2030? Measuring sustainability and environmental impact of traditional diary in comparison…Read more

day: Workshop A

Panel Discussion: What It Takes to Shift Customer Perceptions of Alternative Dairy Products 10:15 am

Unsustainable food production and consumption contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Adopting a more plant-based diet has been identified as a necessary change toward a more sustainable food system. This discussion will focus on identifying and characterizing consumer habits and attitudes to shift towards an increase in fermentation-based dairy products (customer acceptance) to…Read more

day: Workshop A

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