Panel Discussion: From Lab Scale to Food Production Scale and Everything In-between

Time: 4:45 pm
day: Day One


As consumer demand for alternative meat, dairy, and protein increase as does the need to improve processes to
bring these products to market. This panel will provide a roadmap of actionable insights to bring your protein to scale.
Addressing key challenges such as:

  • Considerations for bioprocessing scale up for liquid and solid-state fermentation including infrastructure and design.
  • Considerations when partnering with a CDMO and securing manufacturing capacity to meet consumer demand.
  • Sourcing cost-efficient manufacturing equipment and overcoming engineering design hurdles associated with bioreactor scale-up.
  • Addressing yield bottlenecks and increasing purity of your selected target and more.
  • Achieving a successful commercial scale-up and launch.
  • How to distribute your product including who to partner with.