Fermentation 101 – What’s in that shiny big vessel?

Time: 8:45 am
day: Day One


  • A microbiological and engineering overview of Fermentation-Enabled protein production
  • A variety of strategies can be used to produce food via fermentation, differing on the microorganisms or cells, substrates, energy sources and fermentation process used.
  • Although there won’t be one technology package that is best for any situation, choosing the best scientific and engineering approach for each scenario will affect costs, scalability, quality, safety, and the size of the impact each company will ultimately have on the environment.
  • Prepared to be useful for alt-food enthusiasts in general, this lecture will provide an overview of the biological and engineering bases, applications, advantages and challenges of some of the main technological approaches in use or available for companies focused on Fermentation-Enabled protein production.